The clients I work with, during lockdown, who are willing to embrace digital technology will thrive as the lockdown eases, but it's not 'business as we know it'. Things have changed and technology is at the forefront.

Here are 2 areas where clients have adapted technology:

  1. Online appointments to restrict waiting in-store
  2. Training and Networking via digital technology

Appointment system and scheduling

Over 300+ booking within 24 hours on launch! A Worcester barbers shop was able to give customers a set time and date to return if they were unable to walk-in as they were used to in the past.

The booking system allows customer to book online, phone, or walk-in to book when opening on 4th July.

Virtual Training and Networking

A new training and networking series called 'The Digital Saga' was launched during lockdown. A continuous professional development program. Each month members will have access to two workshops per month run by industry experts and the opportunity to network.


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