I was honoured to be asked to create the Moel Siabod Sportif logo. When I use the word ‘honoured’ this is because it wasn’t a logo for a company. This is a charity raising money for a good cause and therefore it was design with good will and had to represent the good will of those committed to taking part in the event.  The group raises funds for the fantastic charity, Community Action Nepal*.

My name was recommended to the organiser Ian Draisey, who called me up one Friday afternoon. I had my head in a client website re-build so it was light relief to hear a voice who spoke passionately and needed my help. As with most clients, they had an idea of what they wanted, but didn’t really know what they wanted until they see it !

As Ian described the event… ‘100 miles… North Wales… cycling…’ this got my attention; As a fellow cyclist, those words ‘100 miles, North Wales., cycling’. I knew it was going to be a tough event – I’m a keen cyclist myself and know North Wales well from climbing expeditions in my younger days. I wanted to be part of this and was very keen to help in anyway I could.

To be honest i’m not the sort of person who would sponsor someone running 5/10km as I don’t see it as a challenge – it may be challenging for the individual, but it’s not in the same league as a Marathon or in this case cycling 100 miles.

How I got creative. After hearing Ian’s ideas for the logo – I used a creative approach to representing the mountains and the down hill roads. What people don’t realise is that after a climb there is always downhill which allows your legs to recover and often allows the cyclist to hit (sometimes dangerous) top speeds – that is the fun part ! For me the logo had to have those two elements and represent the wording ‘MSS’

I sent over my ideas. but called Ian at the same time. I love to hear the client’s reaction. Good or Bad… That’s one thing with working remotely, it getting the initial reaction from the client which I miss from face to face meetings. You can learn alot from the ‘oh wow…’ or the long pause before they speak.  So I called Ian to hear his thoughts.

Ian said: “Until I’d spoken to Matt, I hadn’t really thought about what a logo for the Sportif might represent. I was delighted with the way Matt captured the event, and managed to represent the topography of the hills, whilst keeping the concept simple and clean”.

It’s great to see my logo out there and being used. In Cheltenham I have a client just off the high street with their logo on a plaque by the front door, I walk past and see it – it just brings back memories of designing the logo and their initial reaction when they see it for the first time. All these years later, it’s still being used. It represents them and who they stand for, their voice, tone and emotions.

Tomorrow or the next day: who’s logo will I be working on, who’s lives will I be affecting and making them feel proud?

*About Community Action Nepal

CAN is a UK based charity whose aim is to help some of the poorest people on the planet – the mountain people of Nepal. It helps local communities to raise their standard of living and strengthen indigenous, community-based cultures.
Over the past 5 years they have been rebuilding schools following the earthquakes in 2015 but this year they are redirecting efforts to support the fall out from Covid-19. This includes PPE, basic medical supplies and hopefully vaccines very soon!

Community Action Nepal Registered charity number 1067772

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