Making the most of ‘Google My Business’ and why Google reviews are so important.

Google My Business gives you the power to attract and engage with customers when they search for your business on Google.

Creating a Google My Business profile has a number of benefits including Google Reviews.

Google reviews are so important because it helps others read real reviews and allows them to leave a review of their own.

It links with Google maps, so you get a pinpoint on the map, allowing your customers to find you.

How does Google My Business work?

Your Google My Business profile gives you a presence on Google Search and Maps, and links directly to your business via: telephone, Directions, and Website:

Should I use Google My Business if I already have a website?

Yes.. Google My Business Profile complements your website by adding more visibility to your current business website on Google Search and Google Maps. You can even add a link to your website on your Business Profile.

Success Story

Rogers Barbers shop has 157 reviews.. so far…

But this doesn’t happen by chance… here are 3 top tips:

1. Tell your customers to search for you on google, rather than giving out a long URL.

2. Remind people to give a review on appointment or business cards.

3. Always ‘respond to’ and ‘thank’ your customers when reviews have been given.

Oh.. and by the way, you can give me a Google review by clicking on the link below

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