There are so many answers which spring to mind and there is not one rule, one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to business.
Maybe I’ll pick my favourite from my top 5…
1. Follow up on every lead.
No matter how small, I’ve found if you follow up and keep in touch, it may not lead to anything today… but the very fact you remembered and listened to them shows you care. I’ve found in the future something comes your way. Also the smallest of requests can often lead to ALOT of work. It’s like the tip of an iceberg. I said to someone recently: ‘I have some work for you’. They said ‘sorry i’m too busy’ I was gobsmacked… They didn’t even know what it was, how much. One thing I do know.. I will never ask them again. Even if they was too busy, you follow up on the lead and find a solution. You never know where it leads…
2. Be honourable
This is something which is never mentioned in a business book. I was told this by a true Englishman who I have alot of respect for. He should be retired, but still working because he loves business. He is wealthy beyond my dreams and has a good life. He told me, above all being honourable is the most important thing because it brings trust and repeat business.
3. Find a healthy work-life balance.
This is something I have found works for me – and alot of other people. Work Hard, play hard… But that’s just me… Exercise will give you energy. But i’m often amazed by those people who work hard but then do no exercise. I’m not saying you need to enter a triathlon, but there are so many non-expensive things to do; walking, swimming, cycling, running. Just pick one…and do it regularly ! You will feel better and achieve more.
4. Surround yourself with the right people.
This is so true. And only after you have been in the situation and now you are out of it, when you realise you were surrounding yourself with toxic people. The trouble is, you copy the people at the top and their bad habits flow through the team. If they don’t care, then it poisons the business and client senses this. You need to work with people, who care as much as you do. Work with people who have the same energy and are happy. You will be happy too.
5. Never, Never, Never Give up
Famously once said by Winston Churchill. It always resonates with me. The fact that It isn’t just ‘Never Give up. .. It’s ‘Never, Never, Never Give up’ – the fact the word is repeated 3 times drives home that this isn’t going away, it’s not being swept under the carpet – you need to deal with this and get on with it. Work hard – and sometimes life gets tough and it feels like a slog. You will get through it. I had this saying branded on the inside of my leather laptop  bag.

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